Internet of

Here at Redev, we are able to develop IoT systems which consist of sensor and/or devices which communicate through the cloud. The connectivity between the devices, whether it be sensors, cameras, etc., enables data to be relayed and allowing the software to process the data and determine whether an action is needed.

Developing IoT Systems To Change Your Business

Large Scale Operations

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming an integral part of large-scale operations. IoT provides an unprecedented level of interconnectivity between different devices, sensors, and systems. This allows data to be collected and shared across devices and systems, allowing for better and more efficient operations. By leveraging the power of the IoT, large-scale operations can benefit from improved scalability, higher efficiency, and better decision making. With the right implementation, IoT can be a major competitive advantage for large-scale operations.

Automated & Enhanced Processes

IoT has revolutionised the way your business can operate, with automated and enhanced processes becoming a reality. IoT devices are connected to the internet and are able to collect and transmit data to a central hub. This data can then be analysed and used to automate processes, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective way of doing business. We use automated processes to monitor inventory, detect potential issues, and even predict customer behaviour. We also use IoT to optimise production processes and it can help to reduce energy and resources used in production.

I’ve worked with the Redev team for more than 20 years now and have always turned to them as a trusted partner. Being able to say ‘yes’ to our management team, regardless of the problem, was more often than not because I knew that I could always bring in the team at Redev."

Michael Thwaite - Founder
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Real-Time Decision Making

IOT real-time decision making is the ability to make decisions in the moment based on data collected from connected devices. By us connecting devices, your business can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and trends. This data can be used to automate decisions and provide guidance to employees in the moment. Benefits of IOT real-time decision making include improved customer experience, increased efficiency, better product and service development, and cost savings. With IOT real-time decision making, your business can stay ahead of the competition and make smarter decisions.

Data Security & Integrity

IoT data security and integrity are of paramount importance in the modern digital world. As more and more devices and sensors become interconnected, users must ensure that the data collected, stored, and transmitted is secure and reliable. This includes strong encryption for data in transit, secure authentication of users, and access control to ensure only authorised individuals or entities can access the data. Additionally, your business must have a clear understanding of the data that is being collected and where it is stored, as well as a plan to monitor and audit the data to ensure its accuracy and reliability. We will help to ensure that your systems are regularly updated and patched to ensure that any security vulnerabilities are addressed. With the right security measures in place, IoT data can be trusted and used to improve decision-making and business processes.

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