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Implementing proven methods and working with your organisation in order to maximise business efficiency and value. Our aim is to help you and your business recognise potential opportunities through the use of our innovative technology services.

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Collaborative Partnerships

We take a collaborative approach to developing enterprise software solutions, working in partnership with your business to gain a comprehensive understanding of your operations and personnel. We strive to ensure that all components of the software are designed to achieve your immediate and long-term business goals, creating a product that is tailored to your exact specifications.

Technical Strategy

At Redev we use technology to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your operations, while also ensuring that your business is able to quickly adapt to changes in the market. Technical strategy should include the use of automation and analytics to streamline processes, the development of software to support business operations, and the implementation of cloud-based solutions to increase scalability and flexibility. In addition, we take security into consideration when developing a technical strategy, as the organisation must protect its data and systems from potential threats.

Organisational Alignment

Organisational alignment within operations transformation is a crucial factor in ensuring your company's success. To help create an integrated and cohesive operating environment that optimises your current operations and creates a platform for future growth, we must ensure that your goals, objectives, strategy, processes, and culture all align. This requires the coordination of your resources, structures, and processes across the business, so that all of your teams are working together to achieve the same goals and objectives.

Execution / Agile Devops

Agile DevOps is an approach we use for software development that emphasises collaboration between developers and operations staff to create software that is both reliable and quickly released. This approach involves frequent and continuous communication between all parties involved, including product owners, developers, and operations teams. Agile DevOps requires teams to be able to rapidly adapt to changing customer requirements, quickly fix bugs, and ensure that their software is always up to date.

We Create Seamless Solutions

We have designed, developed and continue to maintain one of the UK's leading Salon Software Management Systems.

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