A unique vision occupancy detection feature for a leading salon software system

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Who Are Salon Tracker?

Salon Tracker, established in 2014, is a Salon Management Software designed to increase the everyday efficiency of Salons. The system was developed in conjunction with many tanning salons, hair salons, spas & nail bars providing feedback, advice and feature improvements to enable Salon Tracker to be the best salon management software system on the market.

Over the years Salon Tracker has progressed from a simple in-store booking system to a advanced hybrid management system. The introduction of online features such as online booking, payments and a site-view app has enabled Salon Tracker to gain a larger customer base.

The Challenge:

Salon Tracker approached us with a challenge their clients were experiencing: fraudulent activities across their chain of hair and beauty salons. Salon owners, operating multiple locations, frequently encountered issues at salons where they were not present. They relied on the existing system to generate reports on deleted bookings, suspecting that staff members were deleting bookings and pocketing the cash. This process was not only labor-intensive but also sensitive, as it involved contacting clients to verify whether their bookings had been canceled. Additionally, Salon Tracker was constrained by cost considerations and the competitive pricing pressures of the salon software market.

The Solution:

Redev, with its extensive experience in leveraging AI technologies to solve real-world client issues, was well-suited to address this challenge. We utilized our expertise in AI and IoT systems to develop a solution involving Mini PCs connected to retail IPTV cameras on a local network. We adapted a YOLO (You Only Look Once) vision model specifically for the salon industry and optimized it to run efficiently on Mini PC hardware. The integration process involved connecting this technology to the Salon Tracker software system using the existing API to generate occupancy events.

These events were displayed alongside the salon owner’s private booking calendar, enabling quick visual verification of customer presence during scheduled appointments. This innovative solution provided salon owners with fast and accurate occupancy versus booking data, all while adhering to the stringent cost requirements of the competitive salon software market.

Redev's innovative AI solution has transformed how we manage bookings and tackle fraud across our customers salons. Their customized system seamlessly integrates with Salon Tracker, enhancing both operational efficiency and client trust. We are thrilled with the results and the impact on our growth and profitability.

Naomi Briggs, Senior Technical Executive
Salon Tracker Software

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