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Who Are Salon Tracker?

Salon Tracker, established in 2014, is a Salon Management Software designed to increase the everyday efficiency of Salons. The system was developed in conjunction with many tanning salons, hair salons, spas & nail bars providing feedback, advice and feature improvements to enable Salon Tracker to be the best salon management software system on the market.

Over the years Salon Tracker has progressed from a simple in-store booking system to a advanced hybrid management system. The introduction of online features such as online booking, payments and a site-view app has enabled Salon Tracker to gain a larger customer base.

The Challenge:

Salon Tracker came to us with an initial concept and needed our expertise to help build the software. The initial idea was to create a software which would allow salons to track customers' tanning minutes as they use them, as well as digitally storing booking and purchasing history. As the customer base has expanded and the way in which salons operate has become more digitised, Salon Tracker needed further assistance in developing the software to adapt to these new ways of working.

Alongside needing software, Salon Tracker also needed a way in which the software could be as secure as possible. Redev proposed several options such as integration of hardware i.e. fingerprint scanner.

The Solution:

Using a combination of technologies, such as .NET Framework and SQL Server, we designed and developed a locally based software which is user-friendly. Alongside the system itself, we also developed hardware integrations to allow for a seamless in-store salon solution. Fingerprint Scanners and Signature Pads were integrated to increase salon security, whilst other hardware such as Barcode Scanners, Cash Drawers and Receipt Printers were integrated to allow for a simple point-of-sale.

As the customer base has expanded, further features have been requested, and Redev have continued to develop the system to fulfill the requirements. An online booking platform was created in the form of a web-app which is customisable to fit the brand of each individual salon. Also, an editable site-view platform which was developed in the form of both a web-app and mobile-app. Both online booking and siteview synchronise with the in-store system.

Alongside creating the actual system, Redev have implemented several other systems into Salon Tracker's day-to-day running to enable smooth working process. A ticketing system has been incorporated so the team are able to track any issues or requests that their customers may have. Also, we developed a storage system which not only stores customer data, but it also keeps track of all payments, call history and licensing.

Tech Stack


The Redev team work continually to develop our Salon Tracker Software, ensuring it is to the highest standard. This has resulted in us becoming the UK's leading tanning software company. We are extremely happy with the service provided by the team and continue to have a well established relationship with them.

Ellis Garlick, Senior
Salon Tracker Software

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