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Who Are Pro-AT?

Established in 2008, Pro-AT Group specializes in the development of Assistive Technology solutions tailored for educational and professional settings. The company's mission is to streamline organisational processes in research, offering comprehensive support throughout the entire research lifecycle—from locating relevant information to its storage and practical utilisation.

Originating from extensive experience working alongside students as Assistive Technology Trainers, Pro-Study, a product of Pro-AT Group, addresses the specific challenges faced by students, especially those with additional needs. Recognising the stress and overwhelming nature of collecting and organising research for assignments and exams, the company identified common issues such as difficulty getting started, managing multiple internet tabs, losing track of sources, and saving work across numerous Word documents. Pro-Study emerged from the realisation that there was a lack of user-friendly software available to students to effectively address these challenges.

The Challenge:

Pro-AT Group approached us with the challenge of developing Pro-Study, a software solution aimed at addressing the complexities faced by students in collecting and organising research for assignments and exams. Drawing from their extensive experience as Assistive Technology Trainers, Pro-AT identified common issues among students, particularly those with additional needs, including the struggle to initiate assignments, managing multiple internet tabs, losing track of research sources, and saving work across various Word documents. Pro-Study was conceived as a response to the absence of user-friendly software that could effectively eliminate these challenges. Redevs task involved translating this conceptualisation into a practical and intuitive software solution, ensuring it not only streamlined the research process but also addressed the unique requirements of students, making their academic journeys more manageable and less stressful.

The Solution:

In response to the challenge posed by Pro-AT Group, Redev designed and developed Pro-Study, a Chrome extension that offers a comprehensive solution to the complexities students face in organising research. Utilising web development tools and technologies, Redevs team created a locally based software seamlessly integrated as a Chrome extension, enhancing users' web browsers. Pro-Study addresses common issues, allowing users to capture images using their webcam for handwritten notes, take screenshots, and crop browser content. The extension then automatically generates cards, incorporating the captured screenshots, while also providing automatic referencing of the site and author details for articles.

Recognising the diverse needs of users, Pro-Study includes robust customisation features, empowering individuals to organise their research according to their unique preferences. Notably, the extension provides users with the option to utilise the Open Dyslexic font, catering to the specific needs of individuals with dyslexia. This inclusive design element enhances readability and accessibility for a broader user base. As Pro-Study continues to evolve, Pro-AT Group and Redevs development team remain dedicated to refining and expanding the capabilities of the extension, ensuring it remains a user-friendly and adaptable solution for students navigating the challenges of research organisation.

We have been working with Redev for a number of years to continuously develop our software and apps. This often means moving at a fast pace to meet the demands of our customers whilst maintaining high standards. There is no room for error and Redev meets our specifications everytime, on time and on budget.

Jonathan Webb
Director Pro-AT Group

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