Printing the Future: How LGP Print Leveraged Data Insights to Transform Their Marketing Strategy

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Who Are Leeds Graphic Press?

Founded in 1977, LGP Print, a family-owned commercial printer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, has maintained a commitment to personal, sustainable printing solutions for nearly half a century. Serving a diverse range of clients—from local establishments to global corporations—LGP Print boasts an extensive array of modern equipment that can handle any job size.

The company continually invests in the latest presses and technologies to enhance its environmental friendliness and operational efficiency. The LGP Print team is known for their precise attention to detail from the initial quote to the final delivery, ensuring every project meets exact specifications. Their approach combines meticulous care, innovative thinking, and straightforward communication, solidifying LGP Print’s reputation as a trusted leader in the commercial printing industry.

The Challenge:

After over 45 years of success in the printing industry, LGP Print faced the challenge of staying competitive in the rapidly evolving market. As part of a strategic initiative, the company aimed to develop modern marketing strategies and campaigns to enhance its market presence. LGP Print recognized the need to deeply understand their existing customer base and activities.

This knowledge would provide critical insights essential for crafting targeted strategies to boost new customer acquisition. To achieve this, LGP Print leveraged both their in-house talent and external consultants, setting the stage for a comprehensive analysis that would inform their next strategic steps.

The Solution:

Redev, already a strategic partner of LGP Print since developing their Quote Management system in 2007, was perfectly positioned to assist with this new challenge. Their system housed 17 years of valuable client history, including details on clients, products, quotes, and work tickets.

To transform this extensive data into actionable insights, Redev implemented a series of advanced business analytics tools. These tools were designed to organize the corporate data into comprehensive KPI dashboards, providing LGP Print with a 360-degree view of their operational metrics. This integration enabled LGP Print to make well-informed decisions for their future marketing campaigns, leveraging their historical data to its fullest potential.

Partnering with Redev has transformed our approach at LGP Print. Their expertise in integrating business analytics tools into our system has unlocked the full potential of our historical data. The KPI dashboards they developed provide us with a comprehensive view of our operations, enabling us to make informed decisions that significantly enhance our marketing strategies. This strategic advantage has strengthened our position in a competitive market.

Philip Stead, CEO
Leeds Graphic Press

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