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Who Are Gain Capital?

GAIN Capital, established in 1999, embarked on a distinct mission: to grant traders cost-effective access to the international foreign exchange markets. Over the years, GAIN Capital has broadened its scope, now offering a versatile array of services to both retail and institutional investors, facilitating access to myriad OTC and exchange-traded markets worldwide.

The company boasts a portfolio of retail brands, including, which caters to active traders seeking entry into global OTC markets; GTX, an independent FX ECN designed for institutional clientele; and a futures division that provides avenues to major commodity and derivatives trading across over 30 international exchanges.

Headquartered in Bedminster, New Jersey, GAIN Capital commands a significant global footprint, with a dedicated team of over 800 professionals spanning North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

The Challenge:

In the early stages of its development, GAIN Capital faced a substantial challenge crucial to its expansion and client acquisition: mastering the dynamics of FX liquidity. As the company began offering FX pricing and trading to retail customers, it was critical to ensure robust hedging against large volumes of retail trading. This required establishing partnerships with a diverse group of leading merchant banks, the predominant forces in the institutional FX trading sector.

For GAIN Capital, broadening its network beyond the initial two FX Liquidity partners was vital for growth and enhancing service quality. This expansion aimed to provide clients with narrower spreads and improved liquidity. Moreover, there was a clear need to advance the management of this liquidity internally. Implementing more effective control systems within the company was key to maximizing the use and benefits of their liquidity resources.

The Solution:

In addressing this challenge, Redev collaborated closely with GAIN Capital's internal trading development team to design and architect a comprehensive Liquidity Integration Solution. This innovation enabled the trading team to independently enhance and refine the core Trading Platform. Simultaneously, Redev took responsibility of designing, developing, testing, and supporting new merchant bank liquidity integrations. These integrations were seamlessly incorporated into the existing trading platform, ensuring a smooth transition and integration process.

Over the span of two decades, Redev demonstrated its technical expertise and adaptability by successfully developing, testing, and maintaining over 30 distinct liquidity integrations. These integrations spanned a wide range of markets including FX, Metals, Futures, and Cryptocurrencies, utilizing an array of technologies such as Java, C++, WebSocket, Message Brokers, REST API, and the FIX protocol. This extensive and diverse experience underscores Redev's capability to handle complex financial technology challenges with agility and precision.

As Head of Trading Platform Development at GAIN Capital, I have seen the significant impact Redev's work has had on our operations. Their expertise in integrating a variety of liquidity sources has been crucial in advancing our trading platform. Their support and technical knowledge have been fundamental to our efforts in enhancing and expanding our trading capacities.

Keith Ginder – Head of Trading Platform Development
Gain Capital

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