Optimizing Operations with AI: A Compliance365 Transformation Journey

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Who Are Compliance 365?

Compliance365 is a renowned independent energy consultancy offering a suite of nationwide services. They specialize in legal compliance, including Display Energy Certificates (DEC), Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), and various energy standards like MEPS and ESOS. Their energy-saving expertise extends to Building Information Modelling (BIM), energy audits, and greenhouse gas management. In online monitoring, they excel in billing management and energy procurement.

Focused on delivering cost-effective, tailored advice, Compliance365 helps clients enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs. Their diverse clientele ranges from major retailers and pub chains to local government and NHS Trusts. Recognized for their excellence, Compliance365 has earned accolades such as the Local Business Accelerators Awards, backed by the Prime Minister.

The Challenge:

Compliance365 has consistently been at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technologies to enhance value for their clients. With the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, the company initiated a strategic investigation into how AI could refine and optimize their internal processes. This initiative aimed to not only enhance efficiency and value delivery to clients but also to address critical aspects such as ensuring data privacy, deepening the understanding of AI mechanisms, and adhering to ethical standards in AI implementation. The challenge lay in balancing the integration of innovative AI solutions while maintaining stringent compliance with privacy and ethical norms.

The Solution:

Redev, in collaboration with Compliance365's senior management, pinpointed three key areas where AI could significantly enhance operational efficiency. The initial focus was on deploying an AI assistant for the service desk, a critical point where the frequent onboarding of new staff presents challenges. A pilot project leveraging a private, local Generative Large Language Model (LLM) — utilizing internal knowledge base documents and integrated within their MS Teams platform — demonstrated promising outcomes in streamlining this process while maintaining data privacy.

The second area of focus addressed the need to convert a backlog of Form Input Definitions from JSON format across different application formats. Despite experimenting with various LLM strategies, including generic, RAG-based, and fine-tuned models, and achieving notable results, limitations such as token size restrictions and inaccuracies led to the decision against an AI-based solution. Instead, Redev provided a traditional coding approach to expedite the backlog processing, demonstrating flexibility in solution-finding.

Lastly, the exploration of AI for enhancing document recognition and the incorporation of new templates was undertaken. Redev evaluated numerous AI document recognition technologies, delivering code for seamless integration into Compliance365’s systems. Throughout these initiatives, Redev ensured a tight collaboration with Compliance365 team members, facilitating a smooth knowledge transfer and ensuring that each solution was tailored to meet the unique needs and standards of Compliance365.

Redev's expertise in cutting-edge AI technologies, combined with their extensive experience in enterprise development, created the ideal partnership for us. Their guidance allowed us to grasp the nuances of new AI advancements and seamlessly integrate them into our systems, significantly enhancing our business value.

Malcolm Wallis, CEO
Compliance 365

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