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Who Are Vantage?

Established over 13 years ago, Vantage has built a platform and suite of services designed to facilitate seamless trading and optimize market opportunity exploitation. The Vantage ecosystem extends beyond a mere platform for financial asset investment, encompassing educational resources, exploration tools, and a community for like-minded investors to connect.

With its headquarters in Sydney, Vantage is a multi-asset brokerage that has garnered awards for its service. The company boasts a rich history of market experience across 172 countries, supported by a global workforce of over 2,000 employees stationed in more than 30 offices worldwide. This extensive network underlines Vantage's commitment to providing comprehensive support for market participants seeking to expedite their success.

The Challenge:

Vantage operates in a dynamic global market where the strategic application of the latest technologies plays a vital role in determining a company's success. In pursuit of a competitive edge, Vantage's senior management has taken a decisive step by launching the development of a proprietary Price Engine. This initiative is designed to augment Vantage's global pricing capabilities, introducing innovative features previously unseen in the industry. However, Vantage faced a significant hurdle: the absence of an established internal development team with the necessary expertise to bring this vision to life. Consequently, the company sought external expertise to kickstart this ambitious project, with the long-term goal of building its own development team to sustain and advance the Price Engine's evolution. This strategic move aims not only to boost Vantage's standing in the market but also to challenge and elevate industry benchmarks by delivering unparalleled services and features to clients.

The Solution:

Vantage partnered with Redev, drawing on their deep experience in financial technology and their proven ability to enhance in-house development capabilities. The collaboration began with Redev closely working alongside Vantage's Business and Risk Analysts to outline a detailed project plan and scope for building the Price Engine from scratch. Redev's solution was to design and architect a Price Engine that was both low latency and modular, capable of scaling to meet large-scale demands, and structured to facilitate a phased handover to Vantage’s internal team.

Redev's developed the core functionalities of the Price Engine, integrating modular pricing models suitable for Vantage's diverse needs. They also laid the groundwork for future enhancements and tooling. Throughout the project, Redev took on a guiding role, overseeing the initial phases of development and ensuring that a robust framework was in place. As the project moved closer to its initial launch, Redev gradually shifted their focus to providing support and advice, making sure Vantage's internal team was well-prepared to assume full control over the development and future iterations of the Price Engine

Partnering with Redev to develop our Price Engine was a strategic decision that paid off. Their expertise in financial technology and system development was crucial. Redev not only helped build the Price Engine but also guided our team, ensuring a smooth transition for us to take over. This collaboration has significantly boosted our pricing capabilities and set us apart in the market.

Chris-Nelson Smith - Head of Risk

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