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Who Are StoneX?

StoneX Group Inc. (NASDAQ: SNEX) is a global leading financial services provider, delivering sophisticated digital platforms, comprehensive clearing, and execution services, alongside expertise in global markets to clients around the world. With its inception in 1924, StoneX has built an impressive legacy over nearly a century, becoming a vital conduit to global markets through its advanced services and localized support.

Over the past ten years, StoneX's strategic growth through more than 20 acquisitions has expanded its capabilities and international presence, reinforcing its commitment to providing clients with broad market access. The firm is grounded in principles of honesty, transparency, and integrity, ensuring accountability and ethical conduct in all its dealings. StoneX's dedication to these values facilitates its mission to equip clients with the tools needed to capitalize on global market opportunities.

The Challenge:

The rapid and substantial growth experienced by StoneX over the past ten years has presented a considerable challenge: ensuring that acquired companies and their diverse platforms could be integrated seamlessly and operate cohesively. This phase of expansion required meticulous coordination and integration efforts to maintain the synergy between the legacy systems and the new additions, ensuring they functioned as a unified whole.

To harness the full potential of this growth and continue on its upward trajectory, StoneX faced the pressing need for an influx of specialized technical talent. The company required experts who not only had a deep understanding of StoneX's existing technological infrastructure but also possessed a broad skill set in financial market technologies. This blend of expertise was essential for StoneX to effectively manage its expanded portfolio and facilitate ongoing innovation and development within the financial services sector.

The Solution:

Redev's established relationship with StoneX, developed over two decades of working with its acquired companies, positioned them as the ideal partner for this project.

Their team, well-versed in StoneX's systems and with a solid background in financial technology, integrated effectively with the StoneX Trading Platform API development team. This collaboration brought the needed flexible workforce to push forward project milestones and meet tight deadlines efficiently.

The benefit of Redev's prior experience with StoneX's infrastructure, combined with their broad understanding of financial markets, was key in achieving the successful integration and ongoing support required for StoneX's expansion

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