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Who Are MQube?

MQube, established in 2016, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the origination of residential property loans in the UK. Today, MQube has developed a comprehensive ecosystem designed to benefit wholesale funders through diversification and rapid deployment, provide lenders with flexible and effective distribution, enable intermediaries to more effectively meet their client needs, and offer borrowers control, certainty, and a superior experience. The platform's strategy focuses on ensuring an end-to-end user journey that maintains consistency in data handling, whether live or test data, with plans to incrementally increase throughput to affirm scalability.

In 2019, MQube successfully raised 5m in Series A funding to support its next growth phase. This round, led by AV8 and supported by IQ Capital and JamJar Investments, saw high interest and was over-subscribed, highlighting the market's confidence in MQube's innovative approach.

The Challenge:

Following their successful funding round in 2019, MQube faced the task of turning their visionary concept into a tangible reality. With a management team possessing deep insights into the mortgage market and innovative ideas for its disruption and advancement, the challenge was to find a technology partner capable of bringing these ideas to life.

The requirement was for a development team that could not only initiate this transformative process but also tackle the technical intricacies of designing an architecture capable of supporting an advanced mortgage management system. This system needed to leverage the latest in AI, automation, and data science to create a world-class solution.

The Solution:

Redev's extensive knowledge in financial technology, system architecture and AI made them a perfect fit for MQube. In collaboration with MQube’s leadership, including the CTO and Product Owner, Redev was instrumental in laying out the architecture, design, and initial development of MQube's Mortgage Management System. Their work established the technical foundation necessary for the system's success.

As the project developed, Redev smoothly transitioned from a primary development role to a supportive and educational role. This shift allowed MQube's own development team to assume greater responsibility for the project, with Redev providing the necessary support and training to ensure their success. Through this partnership, Redev not only helped build a strong technical foundation but also enabled MQube to continue enhancing and expanding its mortgage management solutions independently.

Partnering with Redev has significantly accelerated MQube's mission to innovate the UK mortgage market. Their expertise in financial technology and AI was crucial in developing our Mortgage Management System's architecture and design. Redev's seamless transition to a support and training role enabled our team to take the reins, ensuring the project's continued success and growth. Their contribution has been key to our progress, laying a strong foundation for future innovations.

Mike Lear - CTO

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